Office at McGill University

Institute for Health and Social Policy
McGill University
2001 McGill College
Room 1146

Montreal, Québec
Canada     H3A 1G1

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The building is the 25-story tower just across Sherbrooke from the Roddick Gates.
When you enter 2001 McGill College, take one of the elevators (at the back) that goes no higher than the 13th floor ("RC-13"). Take it to the 11th floor and phone me, if you have a phone, or enter the complex with your McGill ID card, if you have already arranged for access. Alternatively, take it to the 12th floor and ask at the reception for me or room 1146. Sorry that's a bit complicated for the moment.


For professional matters you can reach me at:


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From your computer

I use Zoom for most meetings. It's not an open standard, but I use it anyway. They support GNU/Linux pretty well. If it's all the same to you, I tend to avoid Microsoft Teams and Skype on my operating system.


If you're in my course currently, you will know if I have fixed office hours. Otherwise, I meet by appointment only. Email me!

Chris Barrington-Leigh

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